Use this IBM ITDT tool to diagnose the health of your tape drive(s).   

  please note, this is not a Graphic Edition tool and might require some basic command line knowledge. Unfortunately, at the moment IBM doesn't offer GUI ITDT tool for macOS.

1. Download:    ITDT tool for MacOS

2. Unzip the file if necessary. 

3. Go to Finder, right click on the file  install_itdt_se_MacOS_9.5.2.20211117 and select open with "Terminal"

4. If you get the popup window, click on Cancel

5. Go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> General, and click on Allow Anyway

6. Go back to Terminal and type

 ~/Downloads/install_itdt_se_MacOS_9.5.2.20211117 [Enter]

7.  You should get this popup window, click on Open

8. Go back to Terminal and type

~/ITDT/itdt   [Enter]

followed by L [Enter], I [Enter]

ITDT should be ready.