When providing support via screenshare, our first choice is AnyDesk which can be downloaded below.

Please follow the instructions provided by this link to ensure we have the permissions required to assist you.
Security Permissions on macOS

Let us know a time that works for you between 10am and 7pm EST time.
Once you are ready, post your 9 digit code to your support ticket and we will jump on and troubleshoot your problem!

As with any screen sharing service, there is some inherent risk. Treat your connection code like a password as it can give bad actors access to your computer if you accept their connection. Thankfully, AnyDesk cuts off control to the external user if the local user takes any action, but you should still take precautions to ensure only MagStor has access to your AnyDesk instance. You may also want to remove permissions from AnyDesk once we have troubleshot your problem if you have no intentions of using it again, or are worried that it poses a security risk.

macOS AnyDesk Installer

Windows AnyDesk Installer