IBM Spectrum Archive SDE (Single Drive Edition) is a free software application that allows you to access and manage files on tape as easily as if they were on hard disk using the LTFS filesystem. Drag and drop files to and from tape without requiring device-specific software and share file data across platforms. 

The software is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX.

* Linux and Mac OSX require the use of the command line interface for configuration.

To download this free software you must create an IBM account.

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Once your IBM account is created and your email is verified, please login and go to IBM fix central.

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Select the operating system you wish to install the software to and complete the installation.  For further configuration and installation questions please view the installation and configuration guide

IBM Spectrum Archive SDE and LE: Installation and Configuration Guide 

For further information and documentation:  

IBM Spectrum Archive Single Drive Edition - IBM Documentation